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What Bavarian physician presented a 1906 paper "On a Peculiar Disease of the Cerebral Cortex"?
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The sartorius, the longest human muscle, was so named because it is exercised when people in what sartorial occupation cross their legs while at work?
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What punctuation mark is typically used to separate the two numbers in a ratio?
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What is the angelic term for a car company's signature vehicle?
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The Mizar was a flying car, made in the early 1970s by adding the rear portion of a Cessna Skymaster to what Ford car, whose fuel tank was prone to explosions if messed with from behind?
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On departing the Taurus-Littrow valley on December 14, 1972, the last words humans spoke on the moon were, "Let's get this mother out of here." Who said them?
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Until Katrina blew through, what had been the most destructive hurricane in American history, causing $25 billion in damage in 1992?
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What prefix for things measured on very tiny scales gets its name from the Greek word for "dwarf"?
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The isotope deuterium has an extra one, but how many neutrons do 99.985 percent of hydrogen atoms have?
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The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake caused tremendous damage. Where?

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