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What Elton John song describes the journey of a Mars-bound astronaut?
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In which country would you find Loch Ness, and possibly the mythical "Loch Ness Monster"?
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The name of what style of music, born in Venezuela, is thought to come from a similarly named dessert made from whipped egg whites?
Question 4 of 10
Shel Silverstein got in trouble with some parents for praising what kind of room?
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Bananas are technically radioactive because they are such a good source of what mineral, which contains a tiny bit of an unstable isotope?
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What Shirley was Shirley MacLaine named after?
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Thanks in part to its goulash, what country's rose paprika is considered the finest paprika around?
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The Great _____ of Giza - what is the missing word?
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Francois Hollande became the President of which country in 2012?
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Which group had a hit with "The Mighty Quinn"?

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